Vito oil filtering system

VITO is an oil filtering system which belongs to our product range.

With VITO oil filtering system you are ensured an innovative technology, for the best quality and a significant time and money saving.

  • it is the ideal for the use with fryers of any type and shape, and for all kinds of oil adopted
  • it automatically filters the oil at the usual working temperature (180°C)
  • it ensures a high filtering capacity between 30 and 95 litres/minute
  • it ensures a precious labour savings, reducing time and cleaning cycles of fryers
  • it respects the environment thanks to a reduced amount of spent oil
  • it reduces the consumption of oil by eliminating all the carbonized residues, all the micro-particles and the sedimentations in the oil and in the fryer
  • it extends the duration of the average service life of the frying oil.

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